Arq is a small architectural design and building engineering practice.

Miles Forsyth studied architecture and urban design at Oxford Polytechnic (now Oxford Brookes University) and then worked in various architectural practices. He has also worked in manufacturing, marketing and carried out several extensive property renovations single-handedly.

Arq grew out of an interest in providing architectural, technical and marketing services to support small scale property development. Arq are very happy to work exclusively or as part of a larger team on residential, industrial or commercial projects.

There is no Arq 'house style' or typical approach - each client, building and site is unique and the right approach often evolves through discussing requirements, surveying existing site (and buildings), initial sketches and agreement of project brief.

The project might then develop through the achievement of planning and building regulation approvals. At the completion of these stages there is often enough information and specification to obtain competitive quotes for the construction work.

Arq is able to provide cost estimations, structural and building services design (depending on project complexity), project management and marketing of property for sale, as well as, of course, architectural design.

Please contact Arq to discuss your project requirements or to arrange an evaluation of an existing building.